Boys Varsity Cross Country, Girls Varsity Cross Country · Cross Country Varsity Camp Trial

On a day that was supposed to see high temperatures, twenty Gahr athletes converged on Long Beach at the Belmont Shore Pedal Path in the cold & a gloom that was so thick you got wet just by moving through it. We jogged thru the 1st mile to the pier relatively unobstructed (highly unusual at this time of year).The next 2 miles we hit quite a bit of traffic, ending in the discovery that the restaurant/bike shop/restrooms that we usually stopped at, where gone !! A drinking fountain & some Porta-potties handled the necessities, along with some drills. And, now, we’re ready for the race.
As usual the girls started first with a 1 minute head start (helps keep the races manageable with only 2 coaches). Isra Malabeh, last year’s winner, was out strong with Leila Torres & Natlyn Membreno in close pursuit. The Boys started, and the chase was on. Kishan Patel wasted no time in catching the girls, going bye Isra at 3/4 mile, and thru the 1st mile at 5:00. Andrew Romero was 5:23; Ayaan Chariwala 5:35 were also past Isra who was 6:35 at mile 1. Kishan let off the gas for the 5th 400 and then started to come back. Finishing in 10:16, he now stands as #3 all time on the course (Anthony Alfaro 10:11: 2014 & Samuel Ayala 10:12: 2015). Isra finished in 13:36, the exact same time as last year, with Leila in 2nd at 13:47. Many runners ran huge improvements over last year’s times. A good day for Gahr Cross Country !! For complete results click the link.
Camp Trial 2019