Boys Varsity Cross Country, Girls Varsity Cross Country · Motivation During the Pandemic

Some athletes have expressed an affinity to staying on the couch instead of getting out to run.

Let me share a few tricks I used when I was running:

  1. Run in the morning. Dress or have clothes set out the night before to run in.
  2. Get out the door. I used to dress & carry my shoes outside with me. Once outside you will be committed!
  3. Get a running buddy. If someone on the team lives close, take turns running to each others house. A family member on a bicycle works too (And parents are more likely to let you go out).
  4. Challenge each other on the team. Text or email about how your workout went.
  5. Keep track of your workouts. Accountability is your responsibility. Take charge! The following mileage chart will help.

Each square is 1 mile. You may count 1/2 miles, but not 1/4 or 3/4. Walking & biking DO NOT COUNT ! You may start from Monday, December 14.

Color code for days: Mon – Red; Tue – Orange; Wed – Yellow; Thu – Green; Fri – Blue; Sat – Purple; Sunday – Brown.

500 Mile Club Link