Boys Varsity Cross Country · Where We Are With XC January

While we keep hearing of the coming cures, the pandemic rages across Southern California. Therefore, it is really important not to let your guard down in anticipation of getting a vaccine.

ABC District: I have yet to hear anything from the District, but I can’t imagine it’s going to be a return to practice anytime soon.

CIF: Update: CIF has voted to cancel Cross Country playoffs for this year. IF the ‘Stay-at-home’ order is lifted, there MAY be some league or local meets (District), but must end by the 3rd week of March

State: Governor remains steadfast on his return policy of 15% available of ICUs stations. We are currently less than 0%. That is, there are more people sick than there are spaces !!

While some schools are continuing to practice as teams, we will not. It is up to everyone to be diligent in your homework & your practice. You can contact me for whatever reason. I would like to hear your interval splits. We will be doing the 1.5 mile time trial the week of January 25.

2021 Winter Workout Wk5